First Car, First Apartment
Vienna, 1983

Photo: Theo Steidl (thank you!)

Ma´s Family
My grandparents with my mother and her 3 brothers
Klagenfurt, about 1948

Blick aus dem Kinderzimmer Richtung Imbachhorn
Zell am See/Schüttdorf, 1970

Imbachhorn, June 2017

Book Draft

My mother Gertraud (r.) with her brother Herbert, Klagenfurt, around 1945
Near Zell am See, about 1972
My mother, Walchen 2019
Riffel – tool for collecting blueberries, 2019
Me, naked in the woods, around 1970

The Seasons Have All Gone
Book draft
Photograph by Reinhold Lanser, about 1970