Furth bei Göttweig, February 2021

Vaporetto Dreamin´
Venezia, September 2022

bei St. Anna am Aigen, September 2021

bei Karlstetten, December 2015

bei Statzendorf, October 2015

Seewiesen/Dullwitz, July 2021

Schallemmersdorf, June 2021

Im Lichte der Dunkelheit

Furth bei Göttweig, September 2018

Mondsee Ostufer, September 2018

bei Weinzierl am Walde, July 2018

bei Sfinari, Crete, August 2017

Dürnstein, March 2017

A temptation that I sometimes succumb to is to add drama to a picture. Thereby I do not perceive my interventions as manipulative, avoiding to add anything that was not designed. By increasing the contrasts, for example, I make structures visible that, from my humble perception, define the essence (of the landscape, the person, the things). My goal is the balanced, harmonious picture. Probably sometimes I go too far in the sense of trying to touch as much as possible, to make what I perceive as “understandable” as possible.
(May 2021)