Krems an der Donau, Weinzierl 2, May 2021

„I am just a medium for the photograph; it´s not me who did it. This idea of photography as a medium is disappearing. It is being replaced by the idea of artist photographers or creators, who modify reality, who set up the pose. The idea of theatricality prevails more than just a passive and neutral recording of things. It´s because of museums and art galleries, even if we need them. Photography has always been sidelined from the world of museums for this reason. Upon entering a museum, photography is forced to adjust, to change and adapt to institutional rules of art, or what we consider art. On the contrary, the idea of art in itself should shift. Photography has destroyed the idea of art in the traditional sense. It should continue this process, whereas the opposite is happening.“
(Guido Guidi, Col Tempo, Fondation A Stichting, 2019)