Dürnstein, March 2017

A temptation that I often succumb to is to add more drama to the picture than was actually visible. Not sure if the dramatization is aimed at any particular effect? I do not perceive my interventions as manipulation. I completely avoid adding anything that was not designed. By increasing the contrasts, for example, I make structures visible that, from my humble perception, define the essence (of the landscape, the person, the things). Or make an essential aspect of the being visible. By foregoing colors in a black and white image, I don’t do anything else. I take out (color) information that may distract from the core of it all and weaken the picture. My goal is the balanced, harmonious picture. Probably sometimes I go too far in the sense of wanting to touch as much as possible, to make what I perceive as “understandable” as possible. When I have to choose between too loud and too quiet, I currently choose volume. In this regard I have more confidence to be taken.
(May 2021)